Giraffe Selfie

Nothing Special is a self-indulgent & narcissistic documentation of my current and future journeys. I am currently traveling the world and what better way to brag about it than to create a website and show you what I am up to. No, Facebook isn’t good enough. I need to write in long form about the daily.

I’ll try to provide maximum entertainment value in the most grammatically correct way I can muster. Things I learn. Points of views I appreciate. Foreign values I’ve adopt. Insight I’ve gain. I work from my computer so there are times I can become isolated for better or worse. Traveling will enable me to grow in ways most people don’t.

Leaving home was always a thought. Growing up in Laguna Beach traveling can be a selfish ambition. But the “digital nomad” lifestyle is incredibly desirable. I started a business selling physical goods on in February of 2015. about a year later I left my job and started going at it full time. In 2017 I have decided to stop paying rent, sold and donated my assets I could not fit in my backpack (minus a few prized guitars of course) and set out on a gluttony of one way plane tickets until home comes a calling.

Back home I left behind some very special people. I will miss them greatly (I already do).┬áSome will able to meet me during my journey and others won’t. For me there is no greater urge than to travel at this point. Don’t think you are not missed.

Next Steps…

If you need help getting started making money online here is your first step. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a sterile training course. If you have the gall to start something new I have the way to do it.

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