Cartagena, Colombia

Catching a reliable flight for a change Patrick and I arrived in Cartagena for a few days before we set sail on a 14 day transatlantic journey.

We stayed at The Volunteer Hostel. It was cozy and had a certain charm. Located in Centro the A/C was on part of the time. It was quiet and good enough for a 3 night stop over.

May in Cartagena is not an ideal time to go. It was in the 90s during the day and humidity comparable. Stepping into the sun you are sweating. I couldn’t imagine how fat people manage.

Beaches in the city are shit. Brown water is abundant and vendedores give you about 5 seconds of peace before offering you anything from a massage to cerveza to ceviche. I love it when you have a cooler of beer and they ask if you want more. Or you’re eating food and they ask if you want more.

There are some sights such as the old city which is extremely impressive. It became a ONESCO World Heritage Site and it has some protections now. But mostly it became a source for tourists to take photos and stroll about.

There is an old fort which is pretty expansive when you explore it and offers some sweet views. Bars and day trips round out the experience.

There is one place I really want to try. It is an island, well, more like a large rock that juts out of the sea. It is big enough where it houses a hostel nothing more. It is located south of Cartagena so the surrounding water is typical stunning Caribbean aqua blue. Reservations are a pain as you can only book on their website 60 days out. And each week that opens up is booked as quickly as it is available. But to spend a weekend there in a rustic isolated island with morning swims and shakes and, oh god here comes the holistic-vegan-yoga…. Namastayyyyy everybody! Anyway.

The last day we looked all around for some pirate hats. To no avail we had to board our cruise like ordinary peasants. But I digress.


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