Medellin, Colombia

Funny story, so my flight from DF to Medellin runs thru Bogota. Weather turns in and stays in Bogota for longer than expected. The storm was so bad we had to divert to Cali to refuel. We were witting in a hold pattern for a couple hours and fuel was low. By the time we landed in Bogota my connecting flight took off. Pretty shitty since nobody could land. But I still ran out of time to get on my connecting flight.

Since everyone was in the same position there were no other flights available until the next day. I decided to take an overnight bus instead of waiting. The bus ride was an experience. Bus drivers navigating thru Colombias endless mountain passes are fearless in their pursuit to arrive on time, or get the drive over with, or have loss any sense of purpose to live. Passing slower vehicles around blind turns was the norm. Screaming around hair pin turns aside sheer cliffs was a passing thought. At least the views were nice.

I did manage to sleep. Quite a bit actually. The 8 hour buss ride went quick and without incident. What I did find absolutely exhilarating was the sunrise. For most of the journey we were traveling thru windy roads with a black landscape. But when the light came I slowly discovered we were whisking passed a lush green jungle environment. Big sweeping passes thru lush green and blue and monkey and secluded restaurant and waterfall. It was amazing to see what Colombia turned into. Each pass was more picturesque than the next. It was the best introduction to a country I have experienced.

We got in about 6 am. Tired and full of excitement at the same time I managed to find my way to my Patrick’s apartment he rented for us.

Side note: Addresses in Colombia are designed a certain way. they typically try to follow a grid. Calle’s flowing north and south and Carrera’s flowing east and west. There are diagonals, transversials, circulars…. all sorts designed to make sense but with so many people just get confused. Street addresses show you the closest intersection (Calle 29 #81-73 is on calle 29 and the next street you’ll hit is carrera 81. And it is 73 meters away from that intersection).

With all that, the taxi driver still got lost and we drove around a few blocks til we got it right. Lucky enough Patrick was up and he greeted me with the same smile you can expect from someone at 6 am.

The rest of the 3 weeks we spent in Medellin went by quickly. We stayed in Laureles. We walked all over. We saw the normal sites like Pueblito Paisa, Parque Bortero, Parque Arvi, the botanical gardens, did a street tour, checked out all sorts of cafes and neighborhoods.

We weren’t too impressed with the city in general. The food was overall some of the worst I’ve experienced in a country. The girls are friendly and inviting. If you are into latinas you won’t be able to get you fill.

Next up Cartagena

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