Find answers to common questions I get below. If you cant find it here let me know and Ill add it!

What prep do you do before arriving at a new location?

I usually end up in a new location after talking about it with someone I have met in person. He or she would perk my interest enough where I would venture to that area.

I then look into how dangerous the area is currently. I have been to countries more dangerous than others on this list. It is up to you and how comfortable you are with putting yourself in these places for any amount of time.

Then I check the CDC website for any vaccines I should get before arriving.

Next Ill check cost of the flight, hostels, or hotels.

Last thing Ill check out nomad list for other information and people currently there.

How do you cover your costs and what do you need to get started?

I have worked since 2015 to create an online business. I work directly from my computer sourcing and selling products. It has been a long an trying journey but after years of triumph and turmoil I have met my goal. It has worked for me. There are more than one tried and true  methods to make money thru your computer.

Maybe this can help.

What do you travel with?

I travel with a single Timbuk2 Wingman carry on compliant backpack. It works best for my needs currently. I fly semi regularly and i find checking bags not worth the effort and risk of traveling with a few more items I can fit in a larger and heavier pack.

I travel with and without friends as well. I have gone to far away places for extended periods of time on my own and with friends and companions. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and I prefer both for different circumstances.

I will write a blog post containing my travel essentials.