Is Madrid worth it?

When I think of the classic (western) European city, I think of Madrid. There are arguments to make for Paris or London or Florence but I don’t listen to them. It’s my opinion.

Squares and plazas, food and drink. They’re all there in Madrid. I’m a big fan of sitting and enjoying a space. Madrid, wether permitting, is near the top of my list where you can act it out. It’s not pricy. It has much culture. English is not hard to find. Flying in and out is great. The subway system is excellent.

At times it feels like you’re in a small Spanish village. And then you turn the corner and you’re in a major transit hub.

Tapas and beer or wine are the thing. Happy hour is a social hour that runs from 5ish to 10ish. Everybody is a simple “hola” away from being friends.

In a word, yes. Yes, Madrid is worth it.

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