Life in Medellin

We finally arrived in Medellin. For the second time. 18 of January. We stayed in a few Air BnB’s until we found an apartment we liked. We tried out different parts of town. Envigado, Poblado, and finally we settled close to our old neighborhood Laureles.

We’re now in Belen. It’s close to most things. It’s not as nice as our previous apartment. And we almost had a chance to move into the apartment literally right next door to our old place. It is a mirror image of the old place. It would have been the ideal location for us:


But from no fault of our own the owner, in true Colombian fashion, reneged on the lease agreement. So we went with our back up apartment in a hurry.

Side note: Did you know that in Colombia the banking system (and any legal process really) is a big headache??? Standard practice is taking 15 business days before any refunds or credits go to your account. Even with electronic systems in place on newer businesses, they still seem to favor paper copies of everything.

Quick Story: The rental property we went through gave us a lease agreement that needed to be notarized. When we went to get the papers notarized the notary showed us it was dated for the following day. Well, it was already 2 o’clock in the evening on a Friday and trying to get the date on one page on the contract changed was out of the question. The agency only had one computer and the manager’s daughter was using it for college. Instead of letting my retype one page which only included signature lines we had to wait through the weekend. By the time Monday came the owner of the apartment had decided they needed the apartment for other uses. Papers signed. $1 mil COP deposit gone. BUT we did get $900k of it back after 3 weeks. Ahhh. FUCK. On to the next apartment.

So we are here all settled in to the new apartment. It’s ok for $950k ($315 USD). But there are growing problems. The toilet in the master took two weeks to fix. The other bathroom has a smell of mildew that won’t go away. And not with a bunch of rain we discovered the front window has leaks in the bottom. So now we have a smelly carpet that will hopefully be cleaned.

But we have a comfortable apartment with two cats that are becoming more accommodating.

Daily life includes waking up around 10-11 am. Karen makes me breakfast, french toast, fruit and yogurt, eggs and an arepa. I work for a bit. Sometimes we bicycle thru the city for fun. Sometimes we go and try new restaurants. It’s a wonderful city to explore and manage your life.

On Sundays and Wednesdays we play volleyball. Afterwards we go for beers or lunch. It’s not half bad. All of my friends and acquaintances work from home. Karen’s friends have desk jobs.

Decent wine can be had from D1 for $4-5. A domestic beer for under a buck.

We just bought an oven. It’s more like a luxurious toaster oven for about $70.00. It can fit about a 14 inch pizza. Yesterday we cooked a rotisserie chicken. Tomorrow I am going to cook a pork butt. God this sounds mundane.

If you’re still reading hats off.

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