Landing in Lisboa has been my first taste of Europe in ages. I came here a couple times as a teenager. But now it’s a different state all together. Or course. Im 34. Newly experienced worldly traveler Ryne is a big deal. Anyway.

There seems to be a trend with the final nights of cruises. People seem to drink a little more than they normally would. And on this cruise there was a large group of digital nomads (most seemed to be more aspiring than actual self sufficient DMs) in their 20s and 30s. So we all had a sleepless final night.

The check out process in the morning was long and dull. It helped still being intoxicated. We all had different check out times so I found myself solo for a bit. I ventured to the hostel alone looking to wet my whistle. It can be a weird experience entering a new country. When its 8 am and you’re fresh off a two week boat trip still drunk in a vastly old fashion city like Lisboa, it can be otherworldly.

Which exactly what it was. It felt like I stepped into a Steven Soderbergh movie. The architecture was extremely well kept for being seemingly post Roman. Think of San Francisco and old to ancient Italian architecture and you’ll being to understand what trudging thru Lisboa is like.

We booked a couple beds at Lisb’on Hostel. It is a clean and well run hostel with a simple breakfast. The terrace hosts a spectacular view. Each room is clean and modern. The social scene is average with tour/crawl stopping here regularly.

The city really does have a lot going for it. The downtown has a problem with Indians on every corner trying to sell you drugs. In Portugal it is legal to carry pretty much any drug on you as long as it is less than a 10-day supply. Buying and selling drugs is something different. That being said, people regularly buy from these morons. What may be more moronic is that the drugs aren’t real. The drugs they are selling are fake.

Anyway, the downtown area in Bairro Alto is a good time. Lots of small bars you can wiggle your way thru. Lots of girls out. Lots of everything. Parks are abundant on weekends too. Pregaming in parks with friends seems to be a national past time.

Oh and there are plenty of churches and forts and day trips and neighborhoods to explore. Or so I’ve heard.

Madrid anyone?

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